Volunteers assist VOICES in various capacities.  Because of the sensitive nature of the work that we do, opportunities for direct, one-on-one contact with our clients is limited. Other important volunteer opportunities do exist and are vital to VOICES’ operation.

Medical Advocates

Direct volunteers can serve as medical advocates.  These volunteers support sexual assault victims in the emergency room of FHN. They assist the individual as needed throughout the process, offering crisis counseling and explaining their rights as a crime victim.  Medical advocates respond to calls on the second and third shifts.  They complete a 40-hour sexual assault training and are subject to a background check. For more information about volunteering as a medical advocate, please contact us by phone at 815-235-9421 or email jhilliger@voicesofsc.org.

Shelter Volunteers

Another direct volunteer opportunity exists assisting in the VOICES Survivors Shelter. Shelter volunteers provide child care when parents are in counseling, court or other appointments or simply need a break. They complete a 40-hour domestic violence training and are subject to background check. For more information about volunteering as a shelter volunteer, please contact us by phone at 815-235-9421 or email jhilliger@voicesofsc.org.

VOICES Book Nook

The VOICES Book Nook, a used bookstore in Lincoln Mall that supports our programs and operations, is staffed almost entirely by volunteers who work on an ongoing basis.  Openings are available for cashiers, stocking, sales, floaters, pricing and supervisors. Book Nook volunteers are subject to background checks. For more information about volunteering, contact the VOICES Book Nook by phone at 815-821-2665 or email dleverton@voicesofsc.org.

Occasional Volunteer

Would you like to help out on a regular or one-time basis?  We can use your talents. Occasional volunteer help is need for tasks such as landscaping, gardening, lawn care and fall cleanup, organizing and sorting donated items and other miscellaneous tasks. Minimal paperwork is required of these volunteers. If you or your group are interested in assisting, please contact us by phone at 815-235-9421 or email jhilliger@voicesofsc.org.