Teen Dating Violence


Teen dating violence encompasses physical, psychological or sexual abuse; harassment; or stalking of any person ages 12 to 18 in the context of a past or present romantic or consensual relationship.

One in 11 female and 1 in 14 male high school students experience physical dating violence each year.

Types of Teen Dating Violence

Hitting, biting, shoving, hair pulling, scratching.

Name calling, bullying, shaming, intentionally embarrassing or constant monitoring.

Forcing a teen partner to engage in a sexual act against or without their consent.

Repeatedly following or harassing a teen partner in a way that causes them reasonable fear for their safety or well-being.


Depression, anxiety, aggression, alcoholism or drug abuse, anorexia or bulimia; and thoughts of suicide. 

Sexually transmitted infections.


If you or someone you know are in immediate danger, call 911 – they will dispatch assistance to you. 

If you are a victim of teen dating violence and need emergency assistance, call our 24-hour crisis line at 815-235-7200.

More information is available under Services for You.